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Buttonwillow Raceway Park


Race #13 CW configuration

Although there are many configurations Buttonwillow can be ran in, #13 CW has become everyone’s favorite. This configuration is 2.68 miles in length and 40 feet wide with 21 turns. This configuration has everything, on/off-camber turns, hairpins, chicanes, sweepers, elevation change, and straights, which will test both the driver and their vehicle.

Driver Amenities :
1. Garages for rent
2. Cafeteria
3. Gift Shop
4. Tire Shop
5. Fuel (91, 101, 110)

*Gate Fees: $10/person*

CW13 Hot Lap

where to stay

Motel 6 central

This tends to be the most popular spot for drivers to stay at and is extremely to Tita’s Pupuseria Taco Truck, along with the gas stations.

(661) 764-5121
20645 Tracy Ave,
Buttonwillow, CA 93206

studio 6

Freshly remodeled and has a full kitchen. Only downside is that it is at the end of Tracy Ave and walking distances are slightly increased.

(661) 764-5153
20638 Tracy Ave A,
Buttonwillow, CA 93206

where to eat


Willow Ranch Restaurant

Great BBQ and lots of room for you and all your friends to grab a bite to eat after a wonderful trackday.

27770 Lagoon Dr,
Buttonwillow, CA 93206

Titas Pupuseria Truck.jpg

Tita’s Pupuseria taco Truck

Wonderful Mexican food, with generous portions, and walking distance from where you’re staying.

The Truck is located right next to the HWY 5 Northbound entrance