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Tracks & Information

California is known for its great weather and rich car culture. Because of this, OnGrid is lucky enough to be able to host events all throughout California at exquisite and unique race tracks. We’ve provided a brief description of each facility and the various tracks they have along with extra amenities a driver or visitor might find useful.


Thunderhill Raceway Park

Thunderhill has a special place in the hearts of OnGrid, due to it being the first track that we hosted an track day at. Thunderhill is a beautiful facility with multiple tracks and a wonderful staff that make events run seamlessly.

Laguna 2.jpg

Weathertech Raceway laguna seca

Laguna Seca is probably the most recognized track in California. Growing up we spent countless hours playing racing games at this track and just as many driving on it. So when Laguna Seca offered OnGrid a chance to host events on their prestigious facility, we jumped at the opportunity.

Buttonwillow raceway park

Buttonwillow has become the “proving grounds” for Time Attack drivers in America. With its wide variety of turns and complex track surface, both drivers and their vehicles are put to the test. OnGrid loves this track, for those reasons, but mainly because its located in central California allowing NorCal & SoCal to come together for some friendly competition.

Willow spring international raceway

Willow Springs is the Wild Wild West of the race track world. Not only is their 5 different tracks, but their Big Willow track claims the rights to the fastest track in the west. Only an hour away from Los Angeles, its a favorite for both Hollywood film crews and car review generalists.

Auto club speedway

Auto Club Speedway is California’s very own NASCAR track. When it isn’t NASCAR season we’re lucky enough to host our own events on this amazing track, allowing drivers to experience the insane speeds and massive banking this tracks has to offer.

chuckwalla valley raceway

Chuckwalla is the newest track in California along with the newest track in OnGrids arsenal. Chuckwalla is rapidly becoming one of California’s favorite trackday destinations due to its amazing facility and cute lizards running around.