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Track Insurance

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Apply for track day insurance through Apex Capital Advising with the power of Hagerty.


Hagerty Track Day Insurance

High-performance driving is the ultimate balance of risk and control. Tire pressure, check… lug nuts torqued. Plenty of laps left in the brake pads. If it’s not bolted down, you empty it out of the car. Now you’re all systems go to have the time of your life.

Our affordable Track Day insurance program* offers coverage for your vehicle while it’s on the track, unlike your standard insurance plan. Because despite your careful planning, there’s nothing predictable about the motorsports game. A patch of fresh oil from the car up ahead. A blown tire as you hit Turn 3’s apex. Brake failure at the end of the back straight. While you can’t always steer clear of these obstacles, you can stay ahead of them with proper coverage from the get-go.

Take advantage of Hagerty’s single-event Track Day Insurance coverage, created for both motorsports enthusiasts and weekend racers looking to refine your skills.

With Hagerty’s track day insurance, you can keep your focus where it belongs – on driving.

What we protect:

· Your personal vehicle against damage while participating in an HPDE event
· Your car while on the track and in the paddock
· Physical damage to your vehicle incurred by you, one additional driver (if pre-approved), and your driving instructor.
· Note: Liability insurance coverage is not included

Why Hagerty?

We’re as passionate about cars as you are. Our deep knowledge of cars and their owners allows us to offer you better classic car insurance coverage for less.

Guaranteed Value Coverage:
In the event of a covered total loss, you receive every cent of your car’s insured value.* No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle.

Flexible Usage:
Our policy allows occasional pleasure use with no fixed mileage restrictions**. With Hagerty, you can go for a weekend drive, take your vehicle up to the local ice cream shop or attend unlimited events and cruises.

Hagerty Driver’s Club:
Hagerty Drivers Club™ is designed specifically for collector cars. It is a comprehensive 24/7 full-service roadside assistance program for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery and more — guaranteeing flatbed towing with soft straps.

Expert Claims Handling:
Our in-house parts specialists can help you track down replacement LKQ, OEM, or NOS parts — if they’re out there, we’ll find them. Hagerty maintains an extensive list of resources for hard-to-find parts.

You’ll Save Money:
Because we specialize in collector car insurance, our premiums are up to 39% lower* than daily driver insurance.

Unparalleled Service and Knowledge:
We know collectible cars, so you deal with real people who understand your car and your needs.