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Hot Hatch Challenge

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Hot hatch challenge

OnGrid created the Hot Hatch Challenge to cater to the growing popularity of the boosted hatchback platform. As an increasing number of drivers in the track community move into the driver’s seat of these power-punching rockets we set out with the goal to launch a series specifically for them. In 2019 you can now participate in the series all throughout California testing your Hot Hatch and personal skill against other drivers. We are excited to see this series evolve, just like the drivers competing in it.

Please download the PDF in order to class your Hot Hatch: Hot Hatch Challenge Vehicle Classing

Driver Points



NorCal Events

Feb 10 - Thunderhill 3 Mile

Apr 21 - Buttonwillow 13 CW

May 27 - Thunderhill 2 Mile

Sept 21 - Thunderhill 2 Mile

Nov 30 - Laguna Seca

NorCal vs SoCal

Aug 31 - Big Willow (Qualifying)

Sept 1 - Big Willow (Race Day)

SoCal Events

Feb 9 - Buttonwillow 13 CW

Mar 10 - Streets of Willow

May 25 - Chuckwalla

Nov 4 - Streets of Willow

Dec 21 - Chuckwalla



Q) How will cars be classed?
During driver registration, at the begging of the day, drivers will turn in a completed HHC Vehicle Classing form, containing their points and run class, to the registration desk.

Q) How are points rewarded to drivers?
1st place = 5 points
     2nd place = 4 points
     3rd place = 3 points
     4th place = 2 points
     5th place = 1 point

Q) How does protesting a driver’s car work?
Protest must be submitted no later than 20 minutes after the last competitive session.

Q) What happens if your car gets contested and you’re found to be at fault?
All points are forfeited and you’re suspended for the rest of the season.

Q) What happens if you contest a car and the car is found to be in spec?
You will lose 3 points and officials may choose to revoke your right to protest.